Blog, 3 years alcohol free October 14th 2022

Today Friday, October 14th marks my 3 years without alcohol. I clearly remember that I had been thinking about giving it up for months before and took the time to evaluate my habits and how they were linked to my…

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Area 506 Recap and what's on deck!

Here we are a few days into August and I am just very much unwinding from an incredible July. It was SOOO busy with music for me with some stellar shows! My heart is super happy with my band and…

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Post Show Thank YOU!

Thank you all so much for making the "Not So Late Show with Jaclyn Reinhart & the Fire Signs" happen. RE-play will be ready in about a week for ticket holders. 

As an added bonus  we have a group called…

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A solution to missing out on Social Media Posts

Let's face it, social media is an amazing tool but also very throttled by the algorithm, cluttered with ads, memes and there is only so much room in a news feeds and FYPs for information along with notifications for invites…

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Another one for the books - Farewell to 2021

I feel like every year I say "well that was one for the books". This year was no different.  To take inventory of my year here is the breakdown.  

  • Started a band (The Fire Signs) 
  • Started a long-term relationship 
  • Started…
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#Behindthemusic - Saint John String Quartet


“Sleep with Ghosts” is not only is this the name of my newly released 5 song EP it is the Title Track of the record. I wrote it with Tyler Lombard while I was in Toronto during a session…

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JR Ontario Tour debrief

I am now home from five days in Ontario, 3 gigs, and 817.7kms in a rental car! 

This was my first out-of-province tour with two solo shows and a full band performance too. 

What a whirlwind! 

My band flew in…

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When I look in my "Rearview"  

I have so many great things to reflect on in the creation of my upcoming EP "Sleep with Ghosts" Now that I have released the first single "Rearview" I can talk about it a little more openly!!! 

This album and…

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Self Love and Style - Podcast

Over the past few years, the theme of my life has been on a radical self-love and acceptance journey as Amanda Hanson of calls it. I worked with Amanda for helping me style my new album photoshoot and stage.

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My year without alcohol - A reflection 

My year without alcohol  

Today is my one year soberiversary.  Let me tell you more and how I came to this lifestyle change.  This is only a slice of the story intended to bring you up to speed of my…

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How's that album coming you ask?

There has been this thing I've been working on that you may have heard about. Oh yes, my new 5 song EP! Back in the winter I successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign amidst the beginnings of a global pandemic! I…

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107% of Goal Fan Funding COMPLETE!

Here is a quick note with my final numbers! 

85 Supporters 
107% of Goal 
$2575 of $2400 raised in 30 days 
My heart = Very happy! 

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Website will go back to normal…

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