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What do you do with a good song that shouldn’t just be consumed like a flash in the pan? Create a video to give it immortality, which Jaclyn Reinhart has done exactly right here. “Clearly I’m not on your mind… I’d rather sleep with ghosts than lie in cold shadows of who you’re really dreaming of” — timeless lyrics, set to a slow tempo of longing.” - Melissa Clarke

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Jaclyn Reinhart | Sleep With Ghosts" {Official Music Video}

Official Music Video - Rearview

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Jaclyn Reinhart

Sleep With Ghosts (EP)

Saint John, New Brunswick roots/rocker Jaclyn Reinhart has been taking Atlantic and Central Canada by storm since the release of her 2021 EP Sleep With Ghosts. On this acclaimed five-song recording, Jaclyn chronicles a chaotic period in her life in the direct, unflinching style that’s made her one of Canada’s most promising new roots rock artists. Over the last year, Jaclyn has performed at The Living Roots Festival, Area 506, Rising Tide Festival and Canada Day Fredericton, sharing the stage with the likes of The Arkells, Mother Mother, The Trews and Suzie Vinnick. 

For the New Brunswick-based singer/songwriter, the five songs on Sleep With Ghosts represent not only how she’s made a fresh start with her personal life, they also mark a significant creative step forward. After fully embracing an Americana approach to her new material, Jaclyn set about connecting with the right collaborators who could bring it to life. These came to include several notable co-writers and John McLaggan of internationally acclaimed New Brunswick duo Tomato/Tomato who recorded, mixed and mastered the EP. Sleep With Ghosts has been a fixture on Exclaim! Magazine’s “Eh, List” Spotify and was also featured on Americana Highways and 

In all, Jaclyn says making Sleep With Ghosts was one of the most cathartic experiences she’s ever had. “The growth that I have felt as a writer and vocalist is something I can’t really define other than saying that if you listen to my last album from 2016 we are two completely different women.”That sense of confidence clearly shines through on “Last Disaster,” an edgy rocker co-written with Andy Brown that details the start of the healing process after leaving an abusive relationship. A similar theme is the foundation of “Rearview,” co-written with Kim Williams and delivered in a more pop-friendly package.

"A significant step forward for this New Brunswick singer-songwriter, who put out an album and an E.P. in the 2010's. Now with a lot more confidence and development, Reinhart has worked hard finding the right framing for her personal lyrics. The result is a rootsier sound with tighter arrangements and some fine hooks and catchy choruses." - Bob Mersereau - Top 100 Canadian Blog

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