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Jaclyn Reinhart

Sleeping with ghosts, awakening to her potential

“On Sleep With Ghosts, Reinhart displays a maturity and eloquence that, while hinted at with previous recordings, is much more fully realized. Greater things lay in store for this phenomenal songwriter.” - Ken Kelly, Nor’easter Online

Saint John, New Brunswick-based artist Jaclyn Reinhart holds nothing back with a roots-rock style that blends her range of influences including Sheryl Crow and Donovan Woods and love of Americana icons such as Tom Petty and Grace Potter.

With two albums under her belt, she is ramping up for her third release, a five-song EP, Sleep With Ghosts, (fall 2021). Recorded with John McLaggan (Tomato/Tomato), this new record tells her story of healing, moving forward, and forgiveness as Reinhart steps away from her pop-rock style and brings an Americana sound to her new music.

This project started with Reinhart’s personal journey to healing. During this time, she was also introduced to co-writing when she was asked to be a part of the Canadian Song Challenge (2016) by Music/Musique NB. One of her mentors was Adyn Townes, a veteran of folk/pop music is with whom she wrote “Last Disaster”, an emotional song that shares an experience about leaving an abusive relationship and beginning the path to healing.

“The co-writing experience really helped serve as a way to expand on my strengths and really identify ways to improve connecting with people lyrically", says Reinhart.

At that point, Reinhart leaned into developing her songwriting craft and went on to attend Canada’s Music Incubator‘s Artist Entrepreneur program in Toronto (2018). During her time there she was immersed into the world of collaborating. This also led to a session at the SOCAN headquarters where she wrote “Sleep with Ghosts” with Tyler Lombard, which is the title track of the five-song EP.

Her debut five-song EP Favorite Mistakes was released in 2011, and the full-length album Adventures in 2016. Since then, she has been performing on stages across the Maritimes and in Toronto.

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