A solution to missing out on Social Media Posts

Let's face it, social media is an amazing tool but also very throttled by the algorithm, cluttered with ads, memes and there is only so much room in a news feeds and FYPs for information along with notifications for invites that we end up ignoring or checking after the event has passed!!! Oh no :(

To help to make sure that those of you who enjoy my music and updates I am inviting you to join my email list and start a contest to help encourage you to share your email with me!!! 

Yeah, I know some will say email is not the way to go but honestly I check my emails hourly, and even if I don't read it right away, it's there until I do something about it!   

This way you have information direct to you not combating all the other social media noise! You can reply to me at any time if you have questions or want to say hi AND there is no obligation to stay signed up if you wish to unsubscribe.   

My goal for the month is to discover 100 people who want to be a part of my music community and ultimately over the coming year if I can connect with 1000 people through my email list then that will be a great accomplishment. 

So I am inviting you to sign up for emails at www.jaclynreinhart.com/contest and your name/email will be entered to win. 

It's simple just sign up for my email updates on live performances & live streams, new music, new merch, blog post updates, and more. 

Entries from January 24 - February 24th will be put into a draw!   

*Win a signed copy of  “Sleep with Ghosts”  
*Private online performance  
(approx 20 mins) Zoom or FB 

How to enter:  
*Sign up for email list  
*Reply to my email (current subscribers)  
*Share this link or social media post with hashtag #SleepwithGhosts 

Just for signing up, you will also receive a free download of my song “Takes a Little Time” 

At the end of the contest, I’ll draw two email addresses one from my current subscribers and one from the new contacts as of January 13th.  I’ll contact the winners and post the results on my socials.  

Thank you in advance and good luck!! 



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