How's that album coming you ask?

There has been this thing I've been working on that you may have heard about. Oh yes, my new 5 song EP! Back in the winter I successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign amidst the beginnings of a global pandemic! I need not get into detail as we all went through it. Once life got back to a level of normal again I got into the studio to start this exciting project!  I was joined by some fantastic artists performing on this record that spanned from here in SJ all the way to Nashville! As of right now all the music beds are done and I have 3 songs left to lay down vocals on. My ducks are pretty much in a row! 

The decision I have made is to hold off the full release until the spring. This gives John and I more time to really make sure it is not rushed! 

I must tell you that a really cool thing that happened in the studio. The songs kind of took on a life of their own. It was a community of players that all had their unique style and experience to the table that gave new life to each one. I love singing to these tracks and am SOOOOO freaking excited to show them too you as soon as they are ready.

Seeing how we worked so hard on the MUSIC it only made sense to get my branding right. I hired a great team and we got to work.  So here is a little sneak peak into our first photo shoot for this record.  

Will be back soon with more updates!

Love JR

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