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Over the past few years, the theme of my life has been on a radical self-love and acceptance journey as Amanda Hanson of calls it. I worked with Amanda for helping me style my new album photoshoot and stage.

The one thing that shocked me was how connected our self-expression through our clothes are with our past and beliefs. She helped me move past some limiting beliefs about my wardrobe and helped me to express myself more authentically through my attire. That included me sharing my story with her.

Recently we teamed up for a crossover episode to release it on both of our platforms to talk a bit about my personal experience leading up to us working together.

You can watch the video below or choose your platform from one of the links!

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More on Amanda Hanson

She is a mom of two that always has a “healthy” stock of bacon in her kitchen. She also has a slight addiction to red lipstick. As a Style Coach, she has worked with hundreds of women who cut through the BS and shut down their negative self-talk. She shows women how to redefine their "beauty standards" so that they can fully embrace the body they are in. Amanda helps women unapologetically express who they are in their clothes and wants to challenge societal beliefs about body image so that it is a safer and shame-free world for the women of now and future generations.

You can find her many free tips and videos on Instagram at and FB: @simplystylishInc If you want her to dive into your closet, then check out her services at

Here is our episode and please drop a comment if you enjoyed or if you have anything you'd like to add to our discussion.  

Keep loving yourself - You are worth it!

<3 Jaclyn 

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