Week one update

Week one in the bag and what an emotional week it was! It's a lot of mental space to hold on top of being a single mom, working for myself with an already overactive brain!  I'm not complaining it is just the way my life is! Doing what I do as an artist has highs and lows all the time. Its a journey I take because I love all aspects of music from the business side to connecting with people helping to use my music as comfort though my perspective on life.  

Ok, emotional stuff out of the way!!  So today is Sunday and 7th day of my campaign. I started the off strong I'd say with a total of $1015 raised bringing me to 41% of the goal.  Every time I received the email saying a pledge/donation came though my heart would skip a beat, I'd get teary or just jump for joy!  I was pleased to see who hopped on board with me to help with this project so early.  I like to think I know who all my fans are but there were some in there that I don't know that tells me I'm reaching new people.  No matter where it comes from it is all-important to ensuring this project gets the financial attention it deserves.   

I have been happy and stressed really.  So many questions arise when you do something like this. Most people will never have to nor want to.  I studied other artist campaigns before launching, asked lots of questions some musical friends Kylie Fox, Christine Campbell, Kinley and Lynne Hanson (All stellar female artists please check them out!). They all had recent campaigns and shared with me some feedback and suggestions.   

The reality is that each project is individual to the artist.  We are all at different levels career-wise, we have different styles and even different fans.  So there was no right answer except to just be yourself and share your passion.  

So this coming week I know will be busy! I have a few other pledging options to unleash but I'm just waiting on a few final details.  
We also are moving into march break here in NB so I know you will be busy.  It's a normal work/mom/art week for me so I'll keep plugging away.  I'd love to really get over the 50% hump asap!  Please keep sharing, liking, commenting AND mostly if you can donate/pledge please do and help me reach this crowdfunding goal of $2400 (that is half of my budget!). 

Thank you for reading and for being a part of this with me!  

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